Parent Meeting regarding Budget Cuts at DeBakey

Please attend a meeting with Ms. Perry on Tuesday, May 1st at 6:30 p.m. at DeBakey High School.
The current funding proposed for DeBakey in 18/19 school year is approximately $1,250,000 less than this current school year.  These result of these cuts include the loss of the following:
  • 4 teachers
  • 1 Police Officer
  • 2 clerks
  • 3 graduate student hourly workers
  • Before and after School tutorials
  • 9 AP courses
  • Gymnastics
  • Orchestra/Music Appreciation
  • Dance
  • UIL Competitions
  • Field Lessons
Meeting Agenda:
1)  To provide a status update on the budget cuts
2)  To explain the implications of the budget cuts
3)  To jointly agree on a plan of action
Please join us at this meeting so we can work together to make a change.