Board Members



The 2018-2019 DeBakey HSHP Board Members are as follows:



To email any of us, just click on our name for a link to our email address.

President – Nellie Naidoo at
VP Fundraising – Vincent Sanders at
VP Uniforms – Mary Bujnowski & Kathleen McQueary at
Secretary – Kara Richardson at
Correspondence Secretary – Ziba Mahra
Treasurer – Dave McMillan at
Membership – Marisa Fiorito & Yan Ping Ede at
Volunteer Coordinator – Meredith Bryant & Irma Aguilar at
Parliamentarian – Shiv Pathak at
Communications – Sandra Ahlhorn at

In addition, the following non-board positions and committees are active.

SDMC – Nellie Naidoo & Meredith Bryant