How Are You?

A message from your PTO President: Nellie Naidoo

Firstly, I want to check to see how our Debakey families are doing. We are faced with many challenges during this period of difficulty and we are all trying to adapt to making the most of the situation. My heart goes out to the families and we will be praying for your safety. If you are not receiving any communications from school, please email me or Ms. Perry  It is very important to be current on what’s going on with your child’s teacher and school.  All assignments and online sessions are on the hub.  It’s a new system and most of the teachers are trying their best, please be patient  while teachers are learning how to use the new system of teaching.

The teachers at Debakey are very concerned about their students and are willing to work with students besides their online session.  Please spend some time with your children and work with them during this difficult time and encourage them to get involved with online teaching. If you have limited resources or no internet access please let your child’s teacher know.  The PTO will be working with the school to make sure that all children have accessibility to online teaching sessions.

Connect with the school staff, reach out to your child’s teacher and other relevant school staff if you have concerns about the coping and keeping up with assignments or activities.

We will be working closely with the school and all the announcements will be on the PTO and the school Websites starting Monday.  Please check daily for new information.