2021 Virtual Texas HOSA State Conference Produces Wins for Upperclassmen

Senior Rhea Phatak and junior Paul Daniel recently competed in the 2021 Virtual Texas HOSA Conference.

Rhea competed in HOSA Human Growth and Development, a test only event. She was given 90 minutes to complete a 100-item multiple choice test. Out of all the students who participated, Rhea was awarded fourth place.

Paul participated in the HOSA Prepared Speaking competition. The topic was “Unlocking Your Potential.” Paul won first place in the area competition and third place in the state.  He will go on to compete at the national level. Paul’s winning entry can be viewed here.


Our students’ efforts continue to amaze us. We are proud that they have been able to overcome the challenges of the 2021 school year to compete with their peers across the state of Texas.  With young leaders like Rhea and Paul on the horizon, the future is bright.