Board Members

Attention PTO Members of DeBakey HSHP

These are the current PTO chairs for 2019-2020  that was nominated by the  nominating committee.


President Nellie Naidoo
VP Fundraiser Sabrina Campbell
VP Volunteers Latoya Jackson/Meredith Bryant
VP Communication Andrea Simon
VP Treasurer Cindy Forgey
Secretary Valerie Barnett
Parliamentarian Vincent Sanders
Uniform Chairs Paul Ake
Membership Chair Maylene Leu-Bent
Homecoming Chair Maylene Leu-Bent
College Night Chairs Nichole Ake/Umanga Liyanage
Fall Festival Chair Latoya Jackson
Field Day Chair Rachel Carleton
Winter Ball Chair Umanga Liyanage
SDMC Nellie Naidoo, Sabrina Campbell
Teacher Appreciation Chairs Ziba Mahra, Thu Trinh Nguyen
9th Grade Parent Liaison Nichole Ake
10th Grade Parent Liaison  Ivy Luong
11th Grade Parent Liaison Irma Aguilar
12th Grade Parent Liaison Mary Bujnowski/Daniella Guzman
Friends for DeBakey HS Kathleen McQueary
Chess Tournament Chair Nellie Naidoo



The 2019-2020 DeBakey HSHP Board Members are as follows:

Executive Committee

President – Nellie Naidoo at
1st VP Fundraising – Sabrina Campbell at
2nd VP of Communications – Andrea Simon at
3rd VP of Volunteer Coordination – Latoya Jackson at
Treasurer – Cindy Forgey at
Secretary – Valerie Barnett at

Non-Voting Executive Committee

Parliamentarian – Vincent Sanders at


Uniform Chairs  – Paul Ake at
Membership Chairs – Maylene Leu-Bent at
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator – Meredith Bryant at

Non-Voting Board Members

Friends for DeBakey HS – Kathleen McQueary at