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New Board Election Process (2020-2021) by Daniella Guzman
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Secretary Valerie Barnett Valerie Barnett
Parliamentarian Vincent Sanders Vincent Sanders
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10th Grade Parent Liaison Ivy Luong Nichole Ake
11th Grade Parent Liaison Irma Aguilar Cindy Forgey
12th Grade Parent Liaison Mary Bujnowski Irma Aguilar and Nellie Naidoo
Friends for DeBakey HS Kathleen McQueary
VolleyBall Chair Nichole Ake Nichole Ake
BasketBall Chair Vincent Sanders Vincent Sanders
Fish Camp Chair


April 10, 2020

Message to DeBakey HSHP Parents

We have all survived the first few weeks of online learning.  Both students and teachers have conquered the initial transition.  We are now moving into the final grading cycle of the spring semester.  It is important that we stay on course for students to have the foundation to continue next school year successfully at their next educational level.  Often, our returning graduates will remark how well prepared they are compared to other students from other schools. We want to keep up the momentum for our current students.   

In order to improve the online experience, DeBakey staff and students were asked to submit suggestions and comments regarding our online schedule.   Their comments and suggestions were reviewed. Option 1 was selected by teachers with revisions: subject classes meet at the same time each day (time selection was made by lottery) and two different time periods are offered for elective classes.   The continuity of keeping the original schedule with modifications was the best option. 

Teachers and students are not required to sit in front of the computer 7 hours a day… every day.  It is recommended the “live” time is limited to 3-4 hours a day.  Most teachers are scheduling “live” time only 1-2 times a week.  Students can check their teachers HUB page periodically, any time, to determine the “live” times, assignments, due dates, and resources.  Considering teachers and students are at home with family with various responsibilities and/or distractions, this schedule will accommodate these conditions.  

Please note the following updates: 

  • The College Board will administer Advanced Placement Exams for college credit during the 3rd and 4th weeks of May.  The AP exam schedule will be placed on the HUB.  Please check the College Board website and with your AP teacher for updates and review information.  The College Board Advanced Placement courses will require additional study hours.
  • Friday, April 10th is a holiday.
  • The sixth (6th) grading cycle begins Monday, April 13th.
  • Currently, HISD Schools are scheduled to reopen Monday, May 4th.  Depending on the National, Texas, or Harris County health status, Dr. Lathan will announce any changes or revisions of the remaining school year by the last week of April.  
  • HISD has implemented an adjusted high school grading plan for the spring semester.  

All final exams are cancelled.  See an explanation below and on our DeBakey website:

All assignments for the 6th grading cycle must be completed by the designated dates.  All assignments will have equal value. The adjusted grading plan for the spring semester provides an unique opportunity for all students.  For students who did not perform very well for cycle 4 and cycle 5, this is an opportunity to increase their course average and increase their GPA.  For students who were anticipating summer school, that may no longer be required with a successful cycle 6. For seniors who have received acceptances to colleges and universities, remember that acceptance is contingent upon their graduation and the university review of the last transcript that will be sent June 2020 to their selected university.

Parents will be notified if students fail to log in to the HUB on a regular basis or do not complete assignments.  Continue to access your student’s grades through HISD Gradespeed. Please contact your student’s teacher, counselor or an administrator through their emails for questions, assistance or concerns.  DeBakey HSHP staff emails are available on our website:  

This has been a challenging adventure and a learning  process.  We have great students and very supportive parents.  We will get through this. 

Agnes Perry




Dear Team HISD: 

While COVID-19 has certainly presented unique and challenging circumstances, we remain committed to supporting the district’s 210,000 students and their families during these tumultuous times. Through our online learning system, HISD @ H.O.M.E., students have access to quality instructional materials and resources. 

In addition, for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year we are adopting the following grading policies to ensure that students’ grades are not negatively affected due to the current circumstances: 

  • No district grades taken after March 12, 2020 can negatively impact a student’s overall average for the course. 
  • If a student’s grade in the final grading cycle negatively impacts their overall final grade in a course, that final cycle grade will be omitted in the calculation of the final grade for the course. 
  • Individual schools have discretion for class assignments and grading, but they have been asked to be flexible and understanding of the burdens and limitations that COVID-19 has placed on students and families. 

We encourage parents and students to save all completed assignments in one place if students are unable to submit their work digitally until further details are provided. More detailed information pertaining to grading can be accessed at

The district is committed to equity and is working to ensure that students have access to technology and other resources necessary for their continued learning and growth. 

HISD is also committed to helping support the non-academic needs of families during this challenging time, thus we encourage all families take advantage of the following resources: 

  • The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Department hosts a weekly webinar series that provides social-emotional learning tools to HISD parents and students, these webinars take place every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. More information can be found the Houston ISD Website ( 
  • HISD Wraparound Resource Specialists continue to provide their campuses and families with additional resources during this time, please feel free to contact your campus Wraparound Specialist if you need additional support for non-academic student and family needs. 
  • HISD Nutrition Services is providing free groceries through their food distributions at select campuses, please visit the HISD homepage ( for more details. 

We hope that all of our students and families continue to stay safe as we progress through the COVID-19 situation, and we look forward to continuing to support our students and families as the situation evolves in the coming weeks. 


Grenita F. Lathan, Ph.D.
HISD Interim Superintendent



Schools with six-week grading periods were in the middle of the grading cycle when schools closed on March 13, 2020. 

  • Grades for the 5th six weeks should be based on assignments completed before March 13, 2020. 
  • All grades earned during the 6th weeks should be weighted the same.
  • Chancery will average the grades for the 4th and 5th six weeks.
  • At the end of the school year, the 6th six weeks grade will only be averaged with the 4th and 5th six weeks grades if it will improve the student’s overall yearly grade for the course/subject.
    • Example 1

4th 6 weeks

5th 6 weeks Average of the 4th & 5th 6 weeks 6th 6 weeks Final Grade


73 78 71 (will not count)


    • Example 2
4th 6 weeks 5th 6 weeks Average of the 4th & 5th 6 weeks 6th 6 weeks Final Grade
82  73 78 85 (will count) 80

Additional Considerations:

  • The campus will need to determine how many grades will be required for the last grading cycle. 
  • Final exams will be waived. Each six weeks grade will count as one-third of the semester grade and each nine-week grade would count as half of the semester grade. 
  • Progress reports will still need to be provided to parents if the student’s performance in the subject is consistently unsatisfactory.  







Message to DeBakey HSHP Parents

March 29, 2020

Message to DeBakey HSHP Parents

We all understand we are in a very unusual and stressful time.  The adversity we are currently experiencing has changed our lives.  Despite our national emergency, we are finding our way through it all.

As I stated in my March 21st message, our goal is to provide our students with continuing educational opportunities.  Luckily our staff and students had taken most of their educational resources and laptops home Thursday, March 12th.  We are now moving to online teaching and learning…. a “new normal”.  This past week, your student should have logged into the HISD HUB and connected with their teachers.  Teachers have posted a schedule of their availability and online “live” times, instructions regarding any missing assignments, and assignment or activities for them to begin which will be due after April 13th.

As all students are isolated at home, it is important that they connect with their teachers and classmates as often as possible.  Encourage your student to develop a regular routine and secure a quiet place at home to complete their assignments.  They should check the HUB each day and dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours daily on their assignments.  The College Board Advanced Placement courses will require additional hours.  Academic work, as well as social interaction, are both important to enhance and maintain their well-being.  Parents will be notified if students fail to log in on a regular basis.

DeBakey HSHP students are smart and resilient.  DeBakey HSHP’s teachers are challenged with providing our students with engaging and realistic assignments that will help them finish the school year with the foundation to continue next year at their next educational level.

Please note the following updates:

  • Monday, March 30th is a school holiday.
  • The fifth (5th) Grading Cycle ends Thursday, April 9th.
  • The time frame for making up 5th grading cycle assignments, students may have not completed through Thursday, March 12th, is now March 23rd – April 9th.
  • There should not be any new assignments due between March 23rd – April 9th. Any new assignments will be due after April 13th as part of the 6th grading cycle.
  • Regular and PAP course assignments should not require more than 1 hour a week per course.
  • STAAR exams will not be administered this Spring 2020 to students in Texas.
  • Advanced Placement course assignments should not exceed 2 hours a week per course. Additional time is required to cover all material that will be on the Advanced Placement Exams.
  • The College Board will administer Advanced Placement Exams for college credit during May/June. Additional information will be provided by College Board the week of April 6th.
  • Friday, April 10th is a HISD holiday.
  • As of Friday, March 27th, HISD Schools are scheduled to reopen Monday, April 13th. Depending on the National, Texas, or Harris County health status, Dr. Lathan will announce any changes or revisions of the remaining school year during the week of April 6th. 
  • The sixth (6th) Grading Cycle begins Monday, April 13th.

You can access your student’s grades through HISD Gradespeed.  Please contact your student’s teacher, counselor or an administrator through their emails for questions, assistance or concerns.  DeBakey HSHP staff emails are available on our website:

I am wishing the best to you and your family during your “stay at home”.

Please remain healthy.

Agnes Perry








How Are You?

A message from your PTO President: Nellie Naidoo

Firstly, I want to check to see how our Debakey families are doing. We are faced with many challenges during this period of difficulty and we are all trying to adapt to making the most of the situation. My heart goes out to the families and we will be praying for your safety. If you are not receiving any communications from school, please email me or Ms. Perry  It is very important to be current on what’s going on with your child’s teacher and school.  All assignments and online sessions are on the hub.  It’s a new system and most of the teachers are trying their best, please be patient  while teachers are learning how to use the new system of teaching.

The teachers at Debakey are very concerned about their students and are willing to work with students besides their online session.  Please spend some time with your children and work with them during this difficult time and encourage them to get involved with online teaching. If you have limited resources or no internet access please let your child’s teacher know.  The PTO will be working with the school to make sure that all children have accessibility to online teaching sessions.

Connect with the school staff, reach out to your child’s teacher and other relevant school staff if you have concerns about the coping and keeping up with assignments or activities.

We will be working closely with the school and all the announcements will be on the PTO and the school Websites starting Monday.  Please check daily for new information.